There is never enough in a day, is there?

Those 24 hours seem to fly by in an instant with most stuff on our to-do list undone. (Unless it’s laundry day…that day seems to last forever.)

And then there is Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram….all calling to us with a siren’s lure…. “please, come see what fabulous lives everyone else is living.”

(Don’t even get me started about Netflix. I have lost weeks to Netflix. One summer I saw the entire seven seasons of Game of Thrones.)

What’s a woman with dreams to do? How does she magically turn herself from a Goal-Sayer  to a Goal-Slayer?

This is not going to be a blog post about SMART goals . We already know how to set the goals right? What we need it some bonafide tricks that will help us rip the band aid off and get stuff done.

Let me be clear. Not “stuff” as in bed making, house cleaning, dog walking, child bathing.

We already do (most) of that “stuff” pretty well.

I’m talking about the good “stuff”.

I’m talking about that crazy, wonderful, dream-idea that you have been floating around in the back of your head that would make your life amazing…someday.

How would it feel to meet that goal? Pretty awesome right?

Maybe even life-changing?

So why is it that the one thing that might be the most AWESOME, life-changing thing we want to do, we never have time for?

Simple answer: Fear.


There is that word again…Fear.

Fear that if we start it, we won’t finish it.

Fear that if we start it, we will fail at it.

Fear that if we start it, it’s not the right dream.

Fear that if we start it, it’s not what we hoped it will be.

There is nothing more fatiguing than an unfulfilled goal.

I hate to say it ladies, but your chance of goal obtainment, without ever starting, is a bonafide zero percent. 


So enough with the fear factor and let’s get to some Goal-Slaying strategies.

5 Goal-Slaying Tips to Accomplish Your Dreams

  1. Get it done first. This is the obvious and painful tip where I tell you to get up earlier. Part of the reason you haven’t had time is that you haven’t made time in your already crazy-busy schedule. (Ouch- there goes the Band-Aid.) If you are not a morning person (like me) start small. Try setting the alarm 15 minutes early. Get up, do your morning routine as usual, and then spend 15 full minutes on your dream goal. First steps may include brainstorming your dream, researching a book or a class to learn more about your dream, or actually engaging in an activity related to your dream. I use this time to write in the morning. It’s how it gets done. Putting it off until the end of the day will just ensure you have little time or energy for something that is not a must do.
  2. Tell Someone what you are doing. Yep, you must say the dream out loud. Part of the reason you haven’t made it a priority is because no one is holding you accountable and asking you how it is going. I’m not saying that you have to proclaim it on Facebook but tell enough people (bestie, spouse, work buddy) so that someone can keep tabs on your progress. Better yet, create an accountability partner and schedule a 15 minute weekly check-in where they hold you to your progress and you hold them to theirs. Win-win.
  3. Change Locations. When you block out dedicated time each day or week to work on your dream goal, do it someplace different. If you are training for a half-marathon, drive to the park to do your longer run. If you are writing the next great American novel, go sit at the neighborhood coffee shop instead of your family room. If you are working on your business plan to create  your own side hustle, set up a desk in another room (with office supplies!) and dedicate that as your business space. You mind and body will respond to the routine of focused work when it associates it with productivity.
  4. Put it on your calendar. Block out your time on your google calendar (or Outlook or whatever you use) to work on your dream. Seeing it in writing and getting a calendar reminder will help you follow through on the commitment. If you pencil it in at the beginning of the week and block it off, you will find it easier to slip it into your day. Want a cool productivity tool to help you break it into manageable chunks? Try Trello. You can use it on your phone and on your computer to create productivity cards, to do lists and check items off.
  5. Find a group doing the same thing. Nothing sparks motivation and inspiration more than being surrounded by people who are driven to achieve similar dreams. Chasing the marathon dream? Find a local running club to run with once a week. Learning how to build a business from scratch? Find an Online Facebook Group with growing entrepreneurs. (There are tons of Facebook groups dedicated to everything from blogging to solopreneurship. Just search your topic in the search bar). Want to grow your career pace? Join a local networking group. Most groups have an online presence and offer virtual instruction or meeting times. The key is to surround yourself with people who are making their dreams a reality.  Most importantly,once your fear-focused brain sees that it really is just a series of baby steps to move you closer to reality, you will take the first step.

We only get one life. One shot. One chance. Making time to chase your dreams, instead of wasting time imagining them, is the secret sauce.

Today is Someday.

Now go Slay.