Are you a Lady Boss who dreams of leading your team with absolute confidence?

How would your day-to-day work life be different if you could:

  • Handle hard conversations with ease?
  • Understand how to help poor performing employees?
  • Hit the ground running confidently, even if you’re brand new to leadership?
  • Shatter the stereotypes, break barriers and lead with courage in a man’s world?

I know it can be hard to lean into confident leadership.

Here are some of the challenges I’ve seen women face:

  • You’ve been told that to be a good leader you’ve got to lead like a man.
  • You feel like an imposter who isn’t equipped to lead in the role you’re in.
  • You have employees who don’t respect your leadership.
  • You didn’t realize your position would include managing people (and some of those are WILD cards).
  • Your boss doesn’t see the problems you’re facing through the same lens you do.
  • You are a newbie in your leadership role.

You ARE a Lady Boss and you CAN  become amazing leader. It’s okay that you’ve been stuck, sister. I’ve been there and have the battle scars to prove it.

Let me be the first to tell you…

  • You CAN lead effectively, even if it’s new for you.
  • Leadership is a skill you CAN develop.
  • You DON’T have to lead the same way men do, it’s time for you pull your seat up to the table.
  • You CAN crush imposter syndrome and manage the daily drama of wild employees.

Women On Top: Lead Like A Lady Boss is a book for lady leaders who want to increase their effectiveness, snuff out the workplace drama, and passionately inspire their staff.

Full of practical advice, real-life stories from the leadership front line and strategic ways of managing a team, Women On Top: Lead Like A Lady Boss will accelerate you into becoming an inspiring leader.

You’ll learn:


  • How to hire the right people, set the right tone, and motivate your new hires so they become stakeholders in your team culture.  
  • Proven ways to lead your team through change.
  • Tricks to help you diffuse difficult people.
  • Steps you can take to increase your confidence and crush the feel of failure.
  • How to manage your time and workload so that you can become a productivity powerhouse.
  • And so much more… TRUST ME. This book is jam packed!

Unlike other leadership books,  Women On Top: Lead Like A Lady Boss is a handbook full of the lessons I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made. It’s practical and tactical advice that you’ll be able to implement right away! It is candid and real,  I promise to make you laugh, at least once!


We need great women leaders now more than ever. Angela Hosking’s new book shares thoughtful, practical advice from in the trenches that can help you take your career to the next level.

Dorie Clark

Author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

“I’m so happy to finally see a book on leadership from a female perspective! How I wish I had this guidance when I was in a corporate management role! Even now, in my entrepreneurial role, I can apply these same tactics with my team members, my vendors and in my tribe. I have no doubt that the practical leadership tactics, paired up with personal stories and concrete action items, will make a huge difference in helping women leaders step into success!”

Julie Ball

Founder, Sparkle Hustle Grow

Not only is Woman on Top: Lead Like a Lady Boss jam-packed with practical leadership tactics, Angela includes crucial guidance on developing a Lady Boss Tribe at work, overcoming feelings of Imposter Syndrome, and day to day practical advice on how to confidently pull your chair up to the leadership table.

Sally Hubbard

Antitrust Expert, Investigative Journalist and Podcast Host , "Women Killing It"

Where was this book 20 years ago when I needed it the most?

In “Woman on Top: Lead Like a Lady Boss” Angela Hosking becomes your personal leadership mentor, one that you will seek out over and over until the pages are dog-eared and the cover is worn. A hands-on,
practical guide, complete with actionable take-aways and classic lady boss mistakes to avoid, this book is an enormously helpful, must read for EVERY woman in leadership!

Mary Ann Wilcox


Who am I? I am so glad you asked!

My name is Angela Hosking and I’m the founder of Her One Tribe, LLC.  I believe women can create a personal and professional life they dream of with a good dose of personal development, tenacity and staying out of their own way. My mission is to inspire, educate and motivate women as they lead with confidence.

As a leader, speaker, writer and coach, I have over a decade of mistakes, insights, lessons and experiences to share with you from the front lines of leadership. Learn from me, so you don’t have to go through the things I did.

Women On Top: Lead Like A Lady  Boss will dramatically reduce your management learning curve, jumpstart your confidence, and quickly help you manage your team like a pro!

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