“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

– John Maxwell

Feeling like the “Invisible Woman” at the workplace?

Are you falling into the “Perfection Trap” daily with a disease to please?

Do you suffer from the Good Girl” Syndrome and minimize, apologize take care of everyone else but yourself? 

Using her Personal Empowerment Pyramid™, Angela facilitates 2-, 4- or 6-hour interactive workshops designed to help  female participants learn actionable self-confidence tricks and unlock the barriers to their full personal and professional potential. Angela can deliver a custom  women’s leadership self-development workshop onsite at your workplace or you can attend one of Angela’s self-hosted Empowerment University (Empower U) during the Spring and Fall at a self-hosted location. Take the information that you learned listening to Angela deliver  one of her keynote presentations and learn to apply the information to change your life for the better.

Let me inspire you and your team to achieve great things.

Empowered Leaders empower their teams.


You are NOT an Imposter: Find Your Confidence as a Woman Leader

Audience:  Female professionals seeking professional and personal growth, confidence development, and self-empowerment. Note: Male allies welcome to participate as well and engage in the conversation.

Your participants will enjoy 2, 4 or 6 hours of self-exploration and education in this self-development workshop examining personal and societal drivers and how they relate to self-perceived professional success. Oftentimes, self-confidence, our own inner critic, and fraudulent feelings of self-doubt can cause a woman to question her success or eschew promotional or entrepreneurial opportunities despite being a high achiever. This workshop is intended to be educational, interactive and lend itself to cohort participation and discussion.


  • Examine how personal thoughts and values systems relate to internal views of self-confidence, happiness, and professional self-fulfillment

  • Create a personal mission statement based on identified personal value systems and how this mission impacts personal branding and professional success

  • Identify what Imposter Syndrome is and how patterns of thinking and habits of behavior can limit personal and professional success

  • Identify tactics and tools to move past limiting beliefs and how to apply behaviors that will increase confidence, reduce perfectionistic thinking, and move towards goal achievement 

The Empowerment Plan: 21 Days to a More Empowered You

Audience: Female professionals seeking professional and personal growth, confidence development, and self-empowerment. Note: Male allies welcome to participate as well and engage in the conversation.

Your participants will enjoy three hours of self-exploration and education as it relates to the drivers of perceived personal power and how to create a 21-day plan to maximize and develop theirs. Angela’s Personal Empowerment Pyramid Framework™ walks the participants through the Self-Discovery Phase, Thinking Differently Phase, and the Acting Differently Phase through a series of tactical steps and interactive exercises to ultimately map out over a 21-day period. This workshop is intended to be educational, interactive and lend itself to cohort participation and discussion. Each participant will receive an electronic copy of Angela’s 21 Days to a More Empowered You™ Workbook; a $7.95 value.


  • Examine personal values, beliefs and perceived self-identity to understand and align personal core missions.
  • Learn how individual and societal thinking patterns set up a limited belief mindset which creates imaginative barriers to a life you wish to be living.
  • Understand how actionable steps and tactical planning will create a more empowered self-view and how daily maintenance of these tools will build confidence and produce results over 21 days.
  • Understand the importance of your current environment and support system and how to adjust to set yourself up for the greatest success in achieving your personal and professional goals.

Empowerment University (Empower U)

Held Seasonally and Hosted by Angela locally

Grow your network and build your Tribe by spending the day with Angela and other like-minded, high achieving women who are looking for more personal and professional success just like you. This full day includes interactive workshop activities in the morning, a full catered lunch with self-care topic, and an afternoon Mastermind where we develop personal goals, accountability buddies and strategize your big vision moving forward. This intensive workshop is designed to help you take your newly acquired self-knowledge to the actionable level. There is no better way to learn to leverage and build empowered relationships than being immersed in Empower U.


  • Determine hot spot barriers for limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviors holding you back.
  • Understand the 12 common bad habits that hold women back professionally and personally.
  • Learn how to “unlearn” being the Good Girl: Stop apologizing, stop minimizing, stop putting yourself last
  • Feel confident claiming the “what-if” goal that has been in your heart or mind for a lifetime- and pull the trigger on next steps
  • Build an actionable plan for your goal while building supportive relationships and accountability partners within the group


“Great Job! [It was] very engaging,  [Angela is] very knowledgeable.”

1:1 Coaching

Ready for a more structured 1:1 coaching opportunity to take your results to the next level? Then you could be ready for Private Coaching with me!

There are two opportunities to work with me:


2-Hour Strategy Session

If you feel stuck or unclear about where you are in your personal or professional life– or you simply feel frustrated because you’re not getting the results you want – then a 2 Hour Strategy Session can help re-focus your attention onto what’s most important to move you forward.  By the end of the session, you’ll have a clear strategy on how to move forward with focus and intention.

Book a 2 hour strategy session here.

Custom Private Coaching Programs
If you know you need accountability, focused strategy and outside ideas in order to move you forward on a more regular basis, then fill out the form to find out more information about  private coaching with me today.  From 4 week sessions to 6 month programs, I offer coaching programs that are customized to your needs.  All private coaching clients receive a kickoff call, regular strategy sessions and unlimited email access to me.

Can’t wait to get started in the workshop or with me personally? Begin the self-discovery phase with my 21 Days to a More Empowered You downloadable workbook.

Hello future empowered woman!

Are you ready to take the first step toward creating a more Empowered you? It all begins with a commitment to invest some time in the most important person in your life…you!

Are you feeling like you could use a healthy dose of confidence training to help you live your best life? Are you tired of feeling like you don’t measure up, are never enough, or that someday everyone is going to figure out that you are faking your way through adulthood?  This 53 page, 21 Day Empowerment Workbook will guide you through the same Personal Empowerment Framework that I use with my clients when I teach Confidence Building Workshops. Each day I will guide you through an exercise that will (over the course of 3 weeks) help you to self-discover what makes you uniquely you, how to think differently and most importantly, how to act differently into a more confident, empowered life. As a Women’s Empowerment author, speaker and workshop facilitator, I help you implement the science and the psychology behind how to fundamentally change the way that you interact in the world.

Download your personal blueprint for change Empowerment Workbook today and tomorrow start your first step to becoming a more Empowered YOU!

Working with Angela was incredible. Her workshop helped me to see things about the way I was thinking and approaching life that was limiting. She taught me actionable steps that I could start doing the very next day to increase my confidence and decrease my Imposter Syndrome Feelings. Being in a room where all the women felt the same way was amazing”

Alicia P

Workshop Particpant

Angela’s presentation was very effective regardless of profession or work environment. She was very engaging, and was able to elicit participation from the entire audience

Lisa H

Workshop Participant

Angela was incredible!

Danielle M

Workshop Participant