Are You Ready to Raise Your Rates?

Many women have subscribed to the belief that if you work really hard and keep your head down someone will notice you and give you a promotion or a raise.


BUT The Gender Pay Gap is real.

On the average, women earn .81 cents for every dollar a man makes.


By not negotiating a first salary an individual stands to lose more than $500,000 by age sixty– and men are four times more likely than women to negotiate a first salary.


When it comes to representational  negotiations women actually outperform men…when she is advocating for others. However, when it’s time for a woman to advocate for herself, she often does not have the same confidence.

Preparation is responsible for 90%  of the success in negotiation.

This is often the most overlooked step.

We are so busy job hunting and interviewing that the thought may not cross our minds to be prepared for negotiating if we are offered the job or client.  This is way too late!



Grab my free Negotiations Checklist and make sure you are prepared to own your value, get paid your worth, and negotiate like a Lady Boss.