Everyday you’re hustlin…hustlin….

Yes you, sister.

You are hustling to make your ends meet with your 9 to 5er but there is this thing call the gender pay gap that is putting you at a .22 cent disadvantage.

That’s .22 cent disadvantage to every $1 made by a man.

So while we fight the patriarchy and empower ourselves to get paid more, what’s a girl to do?

Side Hustle, Sister. Experts suggest that women need a side hustle more than men.

Women, it seems, are more vulnerable to the shifting winds of corporate change and can benefit from a side hustle that supplements their income and potentially create more long-term stability. Besides, learning to be an entrepreneur can be extremely fun, fulfilling and rewarding.

So what exactly is a side hustle?

According toe Chris Guillebeau, author of Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days most side hustles have three common goals:

  • Make extra cash for a specific purpose.
  • Create an ongoing source of income that makes a real difference in your quality of life.
  • Replace or exceed the income from your regular job.

Even if you love your job, a side hustle can make good sense by helping your grow your knowledge of business and commerce. Double bonus- it will help others recognize your skills and value.

Where to start?

Make a list of skills and attributes that come easily to you, but that others always seek out your opinion on.

Here is a Side Hustle Inspiration List to get you started

  • Creative type? Do you love to design, create, and plan the office get togethers? Are you a wiz on social media, always coming up with the artsy, interesting, humorous posts? Fivver.com is a free-lance web-site where you can offer your services for as little as $5 a pop, gain clients, exposure and make some serious cash.
  • Number crunching your thing? The IRS has a Link and Learn tax preparation program that can help get you a more formalized education. Note: the IRS requires that all tax preparers that are compensated for preparing tax returns get a PTIN (preparers tax identification number). Check your states local laws and certification requirements.
  • Love People and doing things for them? Become someone’s personal Virtual Assistant. Virtualassistants.com can link you to thousands of business owners that are looking to optimize your job skills on your own time and earn income.
  • Love to write? Start a blog, write an e-book, create a course online at Teachable.com where you can share your knowledge with others that want to learn what you know.
  • Love Organizing things? Become a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organization)and get yourself certified as a professional organizer or productivity expert. You can get paid to do express your OCD!
  • Have A Clean Driving Record? Explore becoming a LYFT or Uber Driver in your city. Nights and weekends are in demand and can help you make a little cash on your off time.
  • Love a Certain Home Based Business Product? Rhodan and Fields, Plexus and Mary Kay are all examples of how you can become an independent distributor, earn free products and generate income selling something you already love and believe in.

Make sure to educate yourself on tax and income laws when adding income as a solopreneur. If your side business is growing, consider creating an LLC (limited liability company) to protect your assets and take allowable business deductions.


Having your own side hustle can help make you happier at work too! Having a side-hustle will spark creativity, increase your self-confidence, grow your circle of influence, and help connect you to new entrepreneurial friends. When you are happier outside of work, it spills over to happier at work.

And who knows?

Maybe your side hustle will direct you into a totally different career path where you become a full time business owner.

One where you are sure to pay yourself (and other women) a wage without the  .22 cent gap.

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