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“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”- John Maxwell

Did you know that more than a quarter of employees are at high-risk of turnover?

Think about that.

How would you function if one-fourth of your staff resigned?

What’s worse is that one-third of those at high risk for turnover are talented, motivated employees who exceed performance expectations.  Your top crew!

The culture you and I create at work is the driving force for staff engagement. And we all know that Leadership isn’t just about managing projects, it’s about managing people. (You and I don’t leave our heart at home when we go to work, neither do our workers.)

So how do we tap into individual motivational forces with inspiration and vision to create a culture of company owners? What is the secret sauce that tips the balance from a culture of powerless into one of empowered?

It starts first with empowering our leaders.

We must teach our leaders how to build a trusting environment where employees feel safe as innovators and owners. We must coach them to be active listeners and effective communicators. We must show them how to be inspirational as role models. We must help them to understand culture improvement strategies and tactics that organically shift to a productive mindset for those working in it.

Let me assist you and your team into tapping into their inner motivational leader.

I have successfully coached leaders into becoming passionate change-agents who have overturned a toxic work environment into a high performing team.  My professional experience leading in the Healthcare industry, as well my successful online women’s self-development community, has prepared me to share my experience with you.

Whether you need a speaker to amplify a spark of motivation, individual or team leadership coaching/confidence building, or a cultural workplace assessment; I will deliver you solutions.

Let me inspire you and your team to achieve great things.

Empowered Leaders empower their teams.

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Angela Hosking is the Director of Nursing at the Levine Cancer Institute for Atrium Health (formally Carolinas Healthcare System).  Angela has 17 years experience in healthcare and more than 12 years experience leading high-performing teams and creating healthy work environments for teammates and patients.
Angela received her master’s degree in Nursing and her master’s degree in Business from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, both with a concentration in Healthcare Leadership. She is also board certified as an Oncology Nurse and as Nurse Executive through the ANCC.

 In addition to her Healthcare expertise, Angela’s passion to inspire women to “lean-in” (and learn from) each other serves as the  inspiration for her blog, which she began in 2016.  Angela also hosts an online tribal community- Empowered Women, Empower Women  (with more than 900 members) where women can mentor, coach and support each other’s self-development.  Her first book Woman on Top: How to Lead Like a Lady Boss is due for publication in Spring of 2019.

Angela is married to her high school sweetheart Scott, and has two adult daughters  Emily and Madeline. Angela and Scott (and their chocolate lab Maxie) live in Charlotte North Carolina.  

Angela enjoys reading every book she can get her hands on, writing her blog, lifting weights with her Cross-Fit community, and tackling blue ski trails-preferably in Telluride Colorado. 










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